Woke Thugs-N-Sophistry

On Monday May 2nd, 2022, Politico dropped a story about a draft SCOTUS opinion that had been leaked to them which revealed that the court was preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade. The nation dutifully took to their posts on each side of the dividing partisan line and began to bicker about the ethics of […]

Groom and Doom

I wanted to highlight a Twitter thread about grooming in schools that I think is quite important. I disagree with the labeling the author, a Christian podcaster named Josh Daws, uses because grooming children is not the goal of “The Left”, it is the goal of leftists who are unwitting (or in some cases witting) […]

How to Become a “Witch”

In an episode of the Darkhorse podcast, Bret Weinstein lays out a paradigm of the societal grouping mechanics during a witch hunt, and I would like to reiterate them here (mostly for my own memory. I find this to be very clear and precise). I will add only how the witch hunt starts, which he […]

The Lawn Mower of Equity

Often, we hear the word equity. Aside from the financial meaning, it is typically used to describe a more fair and desirable society. It is, however, a trojan horse and should be examined carefully at the gates before it is allowed to enter any conversation. When you challenge people to describe what equity is, they […]

Fly in the Ointment: Tiger Woods

Today, Tiger Woods posted a video of a range session. It is the first time people have seen him swing a club since his car accident in February 2021 from which he sustained terrible leg injuries. It has been a long recovery and fans have been anxiously anticipating the first sign that his career might […]

Anti-vaxx, Not Anti-vaxx

These have been a dark couple months for me. I sensed a wave forming hundreds of miles away, and sure enough it has drawn near and threatens to wash me away.  I started receiving queries on whether I had gotten the vaccine in March. Some people were surprised to hear me say I hadn’t immediately […]

I Realize This Looks Bad

Many of the relationships and associations I have had in my life have been with Asians, but it has been serendipitous. I am actually a bit insecure about this pattern and I recently had an impulse to post 3 stories to my Instagram that triggered this insecurity. Let’s do a brief recap of relationships in […]

Short Takes: Cuomo, Campaign Promises, and Coincidences

Andrew Cuomo I am not sure why I haven’t heard anyone else saying this, but the stuff happening with Andrew Cuomo is, in my opinion, very clear power consolidation. Andrew Cuomo served a purpose for the DNC. He is the governor of New York, he is a Democrat, and he has that sort of “Italian […]

An Open Letter to Asian Americans and Jews: Don’t Go Woke

Right now, I am seeing Instagram posts from many of my Asian friends about a spike in crimes against elderly Asian individuals. My girlfriend told me about it as well, and I felt as if she was imagining someone violently attacking her parents. I am not saying that this spike is a non-issue, but I […]

GameStonk: The Forced Hand

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard mention of GameStop in the past few days. For any of those residing under the rock, I will explain the situation as simply and briefly as possible, but I wanted to talk about a few things that have been happening in the periphery […]


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