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When Vladimir Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine in April 2022, most of the western world decided instantly to condemn the invasion. It was not a difficult decision. The United States Federal Government and many of its citizens decided that direct and material aid should be sent to Ukraine to assist in the defense. Ever since the first segment of aid was sent, any criticism of the United States’ involvement in the conflict became unspeakable. A critic would run the risk of being accused to be allied with the Russians and to be against the moral and righteous defense of Ukraine’s homeland. Some important critics found this risk to be too much to bear.

CBS News filmed a documentary called “Arming Ukraine” in late April of 2022. In their time spent on the ground in Ukraine, the film makers found that an estimated “30-40%” of weapons coming across the border to Ukraine reached their final destination. According to the editor’s note later attached to the article published about this documentary, and Saagar Enjeti of Breaking Points, CBS News received pushback from the Ukraine Government and the United States military, and decided to delete the documentary. Why would CBS News respond to that pressure? I can only guess, but I think you will find that this guess explains a lot of the discussion in the media and in our government about Ukraine.

The United States’ involvement in Ukraine runs a risk of nuclear war. Biden’s administration has been very careful to not succumb to Volodymyr Zelensky’s (the Ukrainian President) more dangerous requests for aid (no-fly zone, long range artillery systems), but even defensive weapons sent to Ukraine sends a message to Russia. It is not up to us how Russia interprets that message. What would happen if all American citizens were informed of the risk of nuclear war and our strategy with Ukraine was put to a vote? “We can send aid to Ukraine and risk nuclear war, or we can allow Russia to defeat Ukraine and risk a strengthened Russian state”. The good, comprehensive information on the war with Ukraine is kept from American ears, because if they knew the risks, our government would not be able to continue its current course unimpeded.

On January 2nd, 2023, Damar Hamlin, a Buffalo Bills football player collapsed on the field during the Monday Night Football game. He had suffered cardiac arrest, and it was (and still is) not obvious as to why. He is quite obviously one of the healthiest humans on the planet being a 24-year-old athlete performing at the highest level. In the events leading up to his collapse, he experienced a mild hit to the chest and then got up, seemingly fine. Furthermore, Hamlin did not die. CPR was performed on the field and he was rushed to the hospital, so there is no autopsy. The cause of his cardiac arrest remains a mystery.

In a healthy discussion about the causes of Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest, all hypotheses should be on the table, but it is quite clear that one in particular is not welcome:

  • “No, mid-game collapse of Bills’ Damar Hamlin wasn’t caused by COVID-19 vaccine” Houston Chronicle (January 10, 2023) link
  • “Far-Right Trolls Are Already Spreading Anti-Vax Conspiracies About Damar Hamlin” Vice (January 3, 2023) link
  • “COVID-19 vaccines almost certainly didn’t cause Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. Here’s what may have” Los Angeles Time (January 3, 2023) link

Notice how soon after the event these articles were written, and I will inform you that none of these articles were written by cardiologists. These writers can write so confidently because they are stupid, but they are published because they are helping. Who are they helping?

Vaccine skepticism was an opinion that garnered an incredible amount of vitriol and overt censorship by tech platforms at the behest of the United States Federal Government (read Alex Berenson’s substack to learn about the proof he has that the White House was meeting with social media platforms to silence him). Why? Well because vaccine skepticism leads to vaccine hesitancy, and hesitancy means that the pharmaceutical companies do not receive their massive profit and the government is robbed of it’s “magic bullet” (I personally believe that there is enough entanglement between big pharma and Washington DC in the form of lobbyists, that a decrease in pharma profits would mean a decrease in politician profits).

Now that we have more information on the vaccination campaign, we are learning the extent to which it was a colossal failure. However, this is muddying the waters of what the original argument against the vaccination campaign was. When the vaccination campaign was being launched, we were being told that a medical intervention was safe and effective, even though it was brand new and there was no longitudinal data on the effects of mRNA shots. We were also told that everyone needed to be vaccinated, regardless of risk stratification. We were essentially crossing a busy street with our eyes closed. Had the vaccination campaign been a success, the argument against it would have still been valid. Even if you make it to the other side of the street unharmed, it is massively unsafe to cross the street with your eyes closed. The safety of that activity cannot be judged by the harm incurred.

If Americans had been allowed to properly (an soberly) assess the risk of the vaccines, how many would have taken it? Most likely very few outside of the elderly, and no one would have let it anywhere near their children. Children received close to no benefit from the mRNA shots and were taking an incredible risk. That is a bargain no parent would be interested in. Thus, the strong propaganda campaigns pushing the vaccines and the harsh punishment for the skeptics.

Whether it is our government privately accepting the risk of nuclear war to our population in order to use Ukraine as a proxy to weaken and defeat Russia, or it is our government partnering with the pharmaceutical companies to mask the risks of the Covid shots in order to encourage complete vaccine uptake. Your safety is being traded away without your consent, and when you speak out or other people speak out for you, you/they are shouted down by those trading away your safety.

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