Cessation of Scheduled Essays

If you follow this blog, you may have noticed I neglected to publish essays on December 1st and December 22nd. These were the first times I missed my deadlines since I started in mid-August and it wasn’t for lack of ideas or writing. It was due, rather, to an inability to create something I was proud of.

The election of Joe Biden changed things and I do not yet know the extent to which it has changed our current situation as a society, and I do not know the extent to which it has affected me. I will tease that, while I spoke much about how both choices for president were remarkably bad, I find myself quite worried about the future with Joe Biden as president, and I think I would have been less worried had Trump been re-elected. This is slightly surprising to me, but I still feel confident in choosing not to vote for Trump.

Since I am having so much trouble articulating my feelings and opinions in this new environment, I have decided to end the scheduled essays. I will still be writing essays, but the weekly expectation does not interest me in the present moment. I hope all of you that have enjoyed what I have to say continue to tune in, and thank you for reading. Happy holidays and happy New Year!