What to Expect


I will be posting weekly essays in this blog and sharing them among the people that I know. Every Sunday evening I will make a post. I already have enough topics to keep me going until election day, but I want to encourage readers to make suggestions.

The content will be related to issues in today’s society that seem to be not garnering enough attention. Here are some of the upcoming essay titles:

  • Changing Your Mindset About Voting
  • The New Definition of Racism
  • Is the Theme of this Blog Condescending
  • Truth: Believing vs. Committing


Nothing will ever be deleted. If I write an essay that I regret, I will leave it up and perhaps include a link to an essay addressing my opinions in the regretted essay. If I make mistakes, and I am sure that I will, I do not want to forget them. If there are factual inaccuracies in any of the essays, I will make note at the top of the essay so future readers will know to disregard the originally presented facts and refer to the revised ones. In terms of spelling and grammatical errors, I think it is fine if I correct those without notification (let me know if you think I should make note of these changes as well).


I have never had to moderate a comment section before (and I am not even sure how many comments I will get), but I will do my best to see that everyone who chooses to participate is made comfortable. If the comments section is very active, perhaps I will investigate creating community guidelines.

I don’t find that comment sections are the best place for thoughtful discussions for me, so if anyone wants to have a discussion with me, feel free to reach out personally to me.

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